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BUT How can you create a website and who can help?

At first glance, creating a website can seem complicated. You need expertise in development to select and configure a hosting server and install and configure a database, and you need to master the computer languages relating to the creation of your site, like HTML or CSS…

Today there are many solutions, and creating a website is no longer as complicated as you might think. Here you will discover why creating a website is now in fact as simple as child’s play, with no need to call on an agency in 90% of cases. In recent years the technology has advanced considerably, and solutions like iPaoo allow you to be completely independent.

At iPaoo we make powerful tools available through a simple web browser (no software to download) to allow you to create a website easily. No need to configure a server or database.

An intuitive interface

With a view 100% identical to the normal display of the site, you can add and edit content with just a few clicks, and you see in real time the results of your work. You can safely work on your site while your visitors view it. Your updates are not visible until you publish them.

You can add pages or add, move copy/paste or delete any of the elements on your site: text, images, galleries, forms, downloadable documents – there are loads of features and applications! To design your site you use an editor similar to a text editor. Create a website is a piece of cake!

And design!

Calling on a web design agency to create your site can be helpful if the agency can add value in terms of graphics, usability and search engine placement. But once again, today with iPaoo you can choose from among 200 graphic themes. Each theme is designed to be as professional as possible, designed in terms of navigation and usability to offer each visitor a unique experience. You can change designs as often as you like. We regularly make available new themes to follow market trends. Each graphic theme is responsive, meaning that your site automatically adapts to different screen types, particularly smartphones and tablets. Once you have chosen your theme you can personalise it by changing colours, fonts, line colours and background images. If you don’t have a logo for your business, a logo creation tool is included with your site to help you create one with just a few clicks.

Once your site is created and your content is added, your website thoroughly reflects the identity of your business. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, our web designers can develop and integrate a graphic theme made to order for you.

What do you need to create A WEBsite?


The most recognizable aspect of your brand is the name of your business or your site. It must be short, compelling and memorable.


If you don’t have a logo you can create one with our free logo creation tools. If no logo is added, the name of the site will be used as a logo.


Who is your site appealing to? This is a key question for defining the structure of your site, its approach and its search engine placement.

Analysis of the competition

Visit the sites of your competitors to note their strengths and weaknesses. Observe the design, usability, navigation and approach.


Think about search engine placement before you even start creating your site. Note the key words that refer to your activity. Imagine which search terms a customer might use in Google to find your site. Bring out the key words in the titles of your pages, the URLs and the content. This work will help you organize the navigation for your site.


Once again the information you put in your site depends on who you are targeting (clients, partners, community members) and the goal of your site (selling services or products, showcasing your business, promoting an event). Make sure your content is unique, simple and easy to understand.

See, nothing complicated! All you need is a little time, a cup of coffee, a pencil and paper and your common sense.

How can you promote your WEBsite?

After finishing and publishing your site, you can send an email with the address of your site to everyone in your address book. Use the share function or email to send individual emails, or the distribution list function. You can also submit the URL of your site to free press release sites or professional directories. Ask your partners to place a link to your site on their pages or exchange links with similar sites.

Once your site is indexed by search engines, internet users will be able to find you by searching with key words related to your content. Of course, good visibility and search positioning require some additional steps.

Register a domain name

The domain name is the URL of your site. All extensions are compatible with your site: .com, .fr, .org, .net, etc. Publishing your site with your own domain name makes your site easy to find via search engines and easy for existing and potential customers to memorise.

If you don’t have a domain name, here’s how you can register one: First choose a domain name. Try to make it short and easy to spell and memorize. Find out if the name is available by entering the name at If it is available, you can reserve it on the same page.

Create traffic

To build traffic to your site, you need to raise the Google Page Rank of your site. Good content, rich key words and good links to your site raise the popularity of your site and thus its search engine positioning. Very often, getting good results requires restructuring and optimising content and analyzing the traffic after each change.

Use a program like Google Analytics to analyze your site’s traffic, the most visited pages, how long visitors stay and which key words bring them to your site. Use this information to improve the pages on which visitors spend the least time, generate traffic toward the least visited pages, plan Google Adwords campaigns, etc. More information about optimising sites for search engines.

Build customers’ loyalty and encourage them to come back

Launching your site is just the beginning. Your visitors will only come back if they find interesting content and new information, events and promotional offers on each visit. Use the mailing list function to send them news. You can also create a blog and use it to post important announcements. Subscribing to the RSS feed for your blog will allow visitors to keep up to date directly from their RSS reader or email client.

Keeping visitors at your site is much more challenging that getting them to come for the first time. But your most loyal visitors and those who mention you in their own blogs will also bring qualified traffic to your site.

What about security, evolution and maintenance?

No need to worry about maintenance, technical details and the technological evolution or security of your site. We take care of all of that as well as adding functionality, to allow you to concentrate on your content and customer relations. When you create your website with iPaoo you’ll be supported by a young, energetic team. Every team member is an experienced iPaoo user and is available and responsive to your queries, providing support every day via chat and email.

So, if you want to:

  • Have an elegant and professional website for your business;
  • Have access to features that can help make the site a valuable communication tool;
  • Be able to easily update your site any time without the need for any particular expertise;
  • Shorten the time required for the various steps in creating a site (developing specifications, approving graphics, compatibility between browsers, etc.);
  • Create an inexpensive website without commitment;
  • Be able to create and administer a site without having to have the technical skills in house;

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